BARBERO DAVIDE SRL Artisan nougat and chocolate production since 1883.

  • Italia

The company, which was born in Mombercelli d'Asti, is mainly known for the production of the artisanal crumbly torrone and for its fine chocolate.

Five generations ago, in 1883, Melchiorre Barbero first gained permission to produce "Torroni e Noasetti".


The Barbero family still possess a collection of medals and prizes that witness more than one hundred years of success.


We must mention the important role of Davide Barbero, under whose management, not only did the activity of the company increase, but also made the brand famous. Nowadays the same family continues to run the business, the owners Davide Maddaleno and Giovanni Barbero still continue to produce sweets with love and passion, maintaining the same quality of the raw materials. Today as in the past.


The various types of torrone produced by the Barbero company are real titbits for experts and sweet lovers alike. There is the highest praise of the typical Piedmontese crumbly type of torrone, which is produced according to the old traditional recipe of the town of Asti and has recently received the Italian brand DE.C.O., that is to say "Local Denomination of Origin".


The Barbero company is housed in a historic building in the heart of Asti. Here, besides the famous torrone, production includes "Gianduja", a typical Piedmontese chocolate made from hazelnuts, "Rubatà" breadsticks covered with chocolate, chocolate bars, "Gran Cru" bars of torrone and many other delicious sweets.

Easter is very important for the Barbero company which produces chocolate eggs of all shapes and sizes, chocolate chickens and bells.


A visit to the Barbero company is a must. Tempting aromas welcome the visitor. The shop which looks on to Via Brofferio, means to live an experience of an entire civilisation built through hard work and effort, respect for tradition and values which continue to be the inspiration of the Barbero family today.


Thus it has been for five whole generations and it is still so today.


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